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i1publish Software Upgrades

i1 Professional Color Management Software Upgrades

Upgrading to the new i1Publish is easy and affordable. i1Publish software suite offers a wealth of new features and components that are sure to provide you with the best tools for your color needs. Even better – you can continue to use your old solution in conjunction with i1Publish if you choose. Upgrade your i1Match, ProfileMaker or MonacoPROFILER solution to the complete functionality of i1Publish. Owners of one of X-Rite’s qualifying legacy solutions are eligible to purchase a reduced price upgrade package, which includes the full i1Publish solution and directly supports i1Pro, i1iO and i1iSis instruments. There are two upgrade levels. Eligibility is determined by your original purchase, plus any additional module(s) you may have purchased. You will not have to give up the use of your current software package when you upgrade. However, the upgrade process does verify that your original purchase is legitimate and eligible for upgrade. In order to activate your new software, the upgrade process requires the serial number from either your i1Pro device or your software dongle from ProfileMaker or MonacoPROFILER. See below for more information on upgrades.

Which Upgrade Do I Need?

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Do you have any of the following modules: Scanner, Advanced RGB Printer, Advanced CMYK Printer, Camera, Profile Editor?



You need: i1Publish Upgrade B. Use the form on the left to buy now.

You need: i1Publish Upgrade A. Use the form on the left to buy now.

You need: i1Publish Upgrade A with a MonacoPROFILER dongle. Use the form on the left to buy now and be sure to enter your current dongle serial number in the field provided.