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Upgrade FAQ

If you have a MonacoProfiler or ProfileMaker will you be able to use both the old software and the new software? When you upgrade, does it wipe the old software?

Yes. Both softwares stay 100% functional. The PM5 dongle supports both the i1Profiler and PM5 codes. For MonacoPROFILER, you have separate dongles. Installing i1Profiler has zero-impact on any pre-existing MonacoPROFILER or ProfileMaker software.

If you have an XTREME or any varieties of the EyeOne bundled with Match software named many different things in the past will you be able to use the old software and the new software?

Yes. Same as with PM5 software. The i1Pro supports both sets of codes (for i1Profiler and i1Match) simultaneously. Zero-impact to existing i1Match installed software.

If an EyeOne is your “dongle”, and you have upgraded your i1Match software to i1Publish, can you use i1iSis as your measurement device?

Yes, but you have to have BOTH the i1Sis and i1Pro plugged in at the same time. It’s also noteworthy that i1Profiler runs in demo mode with no dongle. You can launch i1Profiler, measure with iSis, and save your data, even when your i1Pro is not plugged in. Later, when you want to build the profile, you will need to have the i1Pro plugged in to enable profile building. There is no problem having both the iSis and the i1Pro plugged in at the same time.

If I buy the full version of i1Publish, do I get a dongle?

Yes. i1Publish includes a dongle, a license code, an installer disc, and ColorChecker targets. Use the software disc to install i1Profiler and Pantone® Color Manger. Once installed, launch i1Profiler, plug your dongle in, and click “upgrade license”. Enter your upgrade code and click “activate”. This will load your code into the provided dongle, activating all functions of i1Profiler and Pantone Color Manager.

Can I upgrade from ProfileMaker5 if I use my Spectrolino as the dongle?

Yes. In this case, the upgrade works like a MonacoPROFILER upgrade, which comes with a new dongle. Instead of specifying your MonacoPROFILER dongle ID, please indicate your SpectroLino serial number. Please note that earlier versions of ProfileMaker are not eligible for upgrade.

I purchased my i1 as part of another system. Am I eligible for an upgrade?

Yes. When purchased with a 3rd-party solution, your i1 Pro is eligible for upgrade B.

i1 Diagnostics shows me that I do not have any license codes. Am I still eligible for an upgrade?

Yes. The i1 Diagnostics software displays the codes that are hosted in on your i1 Pro. These codes are used to enable i1 Match software, which was used is legacy i1 software bundles. If you do not see a code listed for your device, then you have an OEM i1Pro and are eligible for upgrade B.

Why does upgrade B cost less than i1Publish stand-alone software?

i1Publish stand-alone software and i1Publish upgrade B are functionally identical. However, upgrade B will use your i1Pro as a dongle, while the stand-alone software includes a separate dongle. Because the stand-alone software includes the dongle, it costs more than the upgrade. When you purchase upgrade B, the system will install your i1Publish software activation code on your existing i1Pro.

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