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1 Big Chart for iSis

Hi All,

Marc here again. I spent some time making a few profiles this week and wanted to post the targets I used for you convenience.

Here’s a little extra pieces for your head. i1Profiler is not like MonacoPROFILER in that it can take any patch set. ProfileMaker users have always had this benefit. What ProfileMaker users haven’t always had is great color. Don’t get me wrong, it was good. However, in the majority of tests that I have done, MonacoPROFILER took the “People’s Choice” award. At least…according to this people. So today, you’ve got ProfileMaker-esque chart flexibility with Monaco rendering goodness. That’s a good thing.

When making a chart using i1Profiler’s Advanced mode, you would be wise to take advantage of this by customizing your test charts to use as many patches as possible for your media size and measurement device. I am printing on an Epson 4800, using an iSis XL, so that dictates the test chart patch sets I use when profiling my printer. If you are also using an XL iSis, you might consider using these same charts.

About the charts:

I’m not big on multiple pages. I like to get as many patches on one page as possible. To figure this out, I set the page size to be Super-B (13 x 19″, larger than the max measurable area for iSis XL) on the test chart page. Then, I toggled back to the patch set page and increased the patches until the page count changed from 1 and 2 pages. The result? 2989 patches. If this patch count seems familiar to you, then you probably have used MonacoPROFILER. Coincidentally, that was the large MonacoPROFILER patch set for CMYK.

With i1 Profiler, it’s up to you which colorspace you use… 3-color (RGB), 4-color (CMYK), or more. You can always dictate number of patches and page size for any printer. I have posted the 3 and 4-color charts here: (click the red link)


If you have an i1iSis and a printer that prints SuperB or larger, please feel free to test these charts out. If you want more patches, you might want to double the number to a whopping 5978 patches. Limit is 6k. Narrow web flexo users need not apply.

In my weekend testing, I ran the 2989 RGB chart and then used the 2502 gray chart to make a single iteration. 2 pages total. Nice profiles.

If you have the chance to put these targets to work, or have requests for other targets, or about other features, please add your comments below.

Thank you,