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Can you make a GRACoL Proof using your RGB print driver?

Well… yes. I loaded up my trusty Epson 4800 with some CMG Sureproof Media and launched i1Profiler. I’m on a mac running OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard), and was worried about getting my profile targets to print out of Photoshop. Instead, I printed directly from i1Profiler.

I am lucky to have an iSis XL, so I just created a target with the highest patch-count, that would fit on one page: 2976. I printed, measured, and built my profile… done.

Next, I used i1Profiler to create control bar that I can use to verify my printing condition. It looks like this:

You can also download this same file from www.idealliance.org if you like. In Photoshop, I opened the file, assigned the standard GRACol profile to it, and then printed using the output profile I made (absolute colorimetric of course!). No paper tint on this stock as it is dead-on the GRACoL white point out of the box.

I then switched to “Printer QA” in i1Profiler. I measured the printed wedge against the GRACoL standard and voila! The QA report says I’m good!

For kicks, I went ahead and iterated the profile by feeding the GRACoL lab values back through it. It tightened up a bit.

i1Profiler even let me print a little report here : Epson 4800_Epson Driver_CMG SureProof_GRACoL

Making the profile was easy and knowing the right settings to use in Photoshop was very important. Plus, it was a big help having a clear objective and knowing how to get there. Basically, I did all of this through i1Profiler. You can to.

Last note: This is RGB people! That means that i1Profiler did this through a black box! Direct to CMYK (or CMYK+) should be even sweeter. Mmmmmm……..