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i1Profiler for Creatives


The profiles are just better. More accurate color. Better reproduction of saturation and detail… things that are difficult for profiles to handle. i1Profiler combines the benefits of MP and PM5, really giving you the best. What does that mean? It means that the color you see both on the display and on the proof matches better, and it more faithful to your intent.

These 2 images were created using i1Profiler and MonacoPROFILER 4.83. Notice that the pepper on the left is a bolder, more life-like red, with more shape and detail. Looks at the red plastic spoons in the foreground. Notice how, on the left, they have more color and more definition. That’s i1Profiler!

2. Flexibility: color

Profiles are built by sampling colors from you display or printer, which are then used to build ICC profiles. Historically, profiling software has used standard charts that have little connection to your images and spot colors. With i1Profiler,the software allows you to extract key colors from your own images, or from your ownPANTONE® spot-color libraries, to make sure that the resulting profiles are as accurate as possible, on the colors that matter most to you.

3. Flexibility: lighting

Your artwork is not likely going to be seen in a light booth. It could be in a magazine, it could be on a bus, it could be in a supermarket, it could be in a gallery. Each of these places has different lighting. As a result, the same print, displayed in each of these locations, will look different. i1Profiler gives you the creative freedom to build your profiles for any lighting condition by measuring the ambient lighting of your display location with i1Pro, and then building a custom profile for that location. With i1Profiler, you can display your work in a magazine, on a bus, in the supermarket, and at a gallery… and in each case produce the same color.

4. Quality control made easy as 1-2-3

It’s tough to know if your profile is good or bad. It typically requires an in-depth understanding of color management, and measurement, and sometimes a bachelor’s degree in Microsoft Excel. X-Rite makes it easy with ColorChecker Proof. The included ColorChecker proof target is a standard XRite ColorChecker, modified for print evaluation using i1Profiler.

To use ColorChecker Proof, select the ColorChecker proof module and:

  1. Pick the profile you wish to check.
  2. Click “print”. i1Profiler will print a simulation of the ColorChecker target on your media.
  3. Lay you ColorChecker Proof target on your print.

That’s it! When you see the colors line up from the Colorchecker to the print, you will know that you did everything right, and you will see how closely you are matching the key memory colors, skin-tones, and grays that are included on the ColorChecker target.

5. Spot-color savvy

i1Profiler includes X-Rite’s new Pantone® Color Manager. When using in combination with i1Profiler, Pantone ColorManager allows you to optimize your output for Pantone colors and make customer “Digital Bridge” palettes that can be used to digitally communicate the precise reproduction of spot colors on your printer.

6. Simple and Advanced

1Profiler provides you with both an easy mode, and an advanced mode to help you take advantage of advanced features as your knowledge of ICC workflow grows. Basic mode provides you with a guided wizard that walks you through every step ofthe process. Advanced mode provides additional controls to give you expert control over profile building options.

7. Complete Package

i1Profiler gives you everything you need, in the box to make high-quality profiles for your printer and color displays . No extras required.