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i1Profiler for Printers

1. Quality, Quality, and Quality.

i1Profiler combines the color science from 2 legendary color management solutions: X-rite’s ProfileMaker5 and MonacoPROFILER 4.8. By combining the strengths of both products, i1Profiler generates profiles with greater detail, deeper blacks, more saturation, and greater dynamic range. Given the same data, i1Profiler delivers more.

These 2 images were created using i1Profiler and MonacoPROFILER 4.83. Notice that the pepper on the left is a bolder, more life-like red, with more shape and detail. Looks at the red plastic spoons in the foreground. Notice how, on the left, they have more color and more definition. That’s i1Profiler!

2. Charteriffic!

i1Profiler Test Chart tools can use almost any chart to characterize your printer. Industry-standards, custom patch sets, you name it. i1Profiler also gives you the flexibility to ink-limit your charts before they print to ensure the highest quality measurement data. i1Profiler uses every patch to give the best color result from your output device.

3. Power Controls

i1Profiler provides in-depth control to fine-tune the way your ICC profiles are built. Advanced control for everything from chart creation, to black generation. Rendering tables, ink intelligence, custom lighting, color compression: i1Profiler puts you in control

4. Super tuned

For the first time, i1Profiler brings iterative delta-E reduction to ICC. Previously, only expensive proofing RIPs with proprietary color technology offered iterative color correction. With i1Profiler, you can now iterate your profiles directly, giving your ICC-compatible workflow the ability to precise match color.

5. Flexible iteration

i1Profiler not only allows iteration, but takes it a step further by letting you choose which values to iterate. Use the default target, or an industry standard, or custom colors from your images and spot-color libraries.The choice is yours.

6. Quality controlled

i1Profiler includes integrated quality control tools for both display and print. Check the compliance of your display with industry standards including SWOP,GRACoL, and FOGRA print specifications.

7. 8 is great!

i1Profiler supports up to 8 different print colors, giving you the technology to profile any output device from RGB, to CMYK, plus orange and green, or any 4 additional colors.

8. Smooth Separator

i1Profiler profiles are a leap forward is separation smoothness.

On the left are separation curves for the GRACoL2006_Coated_v2.icc profile, made by MonacoPROFILER using the GRACoL2006 characterization data set. On the right is an i1Profiler profile, made with the same GRACoL2006 characterization data, using the same separation settings. Notice the smooth CMY behavior across the entire grayscale range. That’s i1Profiler!

9. Natural ink savings

Saving ink is a simple process: use more K (black) instead of CMY.So why are there specialized ink-savings solutions that cost several thousand dollars? The answer is that, ICC profile building tools have not provided the option to use the maximum amount of black that is possible… until now. i1Profiler gives you 2 options to save ink: full black separation, and maximum black.

With full black separation, i1Profiler automatically uses the most black available,without degrading your gamut or separation quality. With Maximum Black, i1Profiler uses this same algorithm, but give you the ability to customize the black start, max, shape, and total ink coverage to suit your exact requirements. And, because i1Profiler creates the profile with these settings, you won’t have to re-process your file with another ink optimization tool, potentially degrading your separation to see savings.

Left image: conventional re-processing ink-savings software Right image: Native Full Black Separation

10. Total package.

No other solution gives you all the tools to optimize and control your color: Display Profiling, Display QA, Printer Profiling, Printer Profile Optimization, Printer QA, Data Analysis… it’s in there!